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Potato Crisps or Potato Thins

When you chomp in on that piece of potato crisps and go “mmm”, are you enjoying a shaved slice of fried potato dusted with flavour or the, wait for it… crrrriiiisps!. Do you even care it’s lightly salted, spicy, plain,...MORE
Steeped in our Makan History
“What!?” was my first reaction when makan buddy Vincent Lim invited me for chomps at Steeples Deli. “You mean they are still open for business?” After all, Steeples is Singapore’s first deli, opened about 37 years ago in a charming corner of the then popular Tanglin Shopping Centre. “Where?” you...MORE
Year of the Leg
Before you get flustered with more meal invitations to yet another round of Yusheng salad, more fish, prawns, chicken, pork, mushrooms and sea cucumbers etc..(nothing wrong with that except for the over-doing and repetitive part) I have to invoke the Chinese New Year act again- if the old don’t go,...MORE
More than 3 Cups..
I had always wondered what exactly goes into Sanbei Chicken (3 Cup Chicken or pork for the matter). Online recipes and so called expert chefs points me in all directions and it eventually tastes nothing like what I had recently in Taiwan. When they reached out, I had to accept...MORE
Have a good Vadai Day
That fluffy, full bodied Gordon’s prawn vadai is back. This addictive little snack, originally from Sri Lanka called Isso Vadai, had been converting makan devotees here since before I learned how to remember. Gordon Koh initially ran a few pubs in Singapore and his main lure in his little pub...MORE
Peranakan Khek to go..
The Chinese New Year of the Pig is coming and the classic adage is “if the old don’t go, the new won’t come”. But there is a big twist to that saying especially in our local makan heritage. So I am not going to recommend anything newly opened today but...MORE
Teochew Muay- a Vanishing Act
We stroll so casually around a food centre and eat whatever we feel like, as if it will forever fall down from food heaven to please us and take for granted. But on closer inspection, realisation and with a stark admission, I predict more than a few dishes will fade...MORE
Happy New Hawker Year to You..
A few days back I had a very fruitful kopi chat with Snr Minister of State Dr Amy Khor, the unofficial “minister’ of hawker food in Singapore. We touched on a key topic of continuity and sustainability of our hawker culture- on how and what we can do to keep...MORE
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