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The Most Expensive Mooncakes…
The folks that came up with the elitist got-money-also-cannot-buy smoked bak kwa have done it again, but with a friendlier grip on exclusivity. The Empire brand, which only sell their prime bak kwa or BBQ pork jerky (done with a custom made fruit woods smoker) and offered only to members...MORE
Aroma Kampung: The Ibu of all Padang Buffets
I don’t know where to begin this with. So brace yourself- they up to 45 items in their Nasi Melayu and Padang buffet spread and, I think the only (and the best I’ve seen in the region) salad and sambal bar- with 13 types including the hard core Tempoyak (durian...MORE
Coconut Club: Going Nuts for a $12.80 Nasi Lemak
“What! $12.80 for a plate of nasi lemak! That’s crazy” is the common response about this popular famous coconut sambal rice meal in town. And I’ll add one more today “Huh, did you say he never cooked this dish before this gig? What…!” .One hour before closing on a late...MORE
Aw’s Signature Minced Pork Noodles: Aw-some Bak Chor Mee
He claimed to be inspired by a bak chor mee recipe video I posted online some time back. But as I demolished a bowl of his “signature” noodles, I realise how much more there was is the dish and just how humble this young gen hawker is. When I probed,...MORE
Charlie’s Peranakan Food: Charlie’s Nonya Angels are Back
Some good old news to start the year with- good ol’ Charlie’s back. He was that maverick Baba chef that hopped from one spot to another- from Katong to Thomson and … ( I lost track). He thought he had it all and hung up his tumbuk (mortar and pestle)...MORE
Nimman Soi 5: From Top Ten to Top Tampines…
Orchard Towers may well be reputable for things you wouldn’t normally tell your tween kids about. But I have my story on why I used to visit it often enough once ago. At the fourth floor, just a shout away from the once popular Top Ten club (where some of...MORE
The $13.80 Roast Duck War
It’s no quack. But that’s what a few roast duck stalls are offering for the whole fowl for these days, give and take a couple of dollars. I was told about a $15 roast duck take-out only stall in Chinatown by another hawker, Melvin Chew of Jin Ji Kway Chap....MORE
Eat First :The Father, Sons and the Survival Spirit…
Someone should make a movie out of this true story. To keep both his sons at bay and in the kitchen, he diligently taught them all the 12 signature Cantonese dishes the restaurant was known for…four steamed dishes, including their legendary steam carp fish head in fermented bean sauce, and...MORE
Hawker Centre Committee Report: More than 11 points needed
I read with interest the Hawker Centre 3.0 Committee Report (see link below). To begin, it’s about the government run hawker centres, not all about local heritage food culture which is bigger than this conversation. It is basically looking at the viability and continuity of under 7000 public hawker centre...MORE
Benson Salted Duck Rice: No Quack, Salted Duck Rice is back…
In my 20 years of dabbling in Makansutra and its interest in heritage and street food culture, I had only ever seen 2 such stalls offering Salted Duck Rice. One, Ah Ee, at Upper Thomson and another that came in and rode on their popularity in Old Airport Road. Both...MORE
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