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Benson Salted Duck Rice: No Quack, Salted Duck Rice is back…
In my 20 years of dabbling in Makansutra and its interest in heritage and street food culture, I had only ever seen 2 such stalls offering Salted Duck Rice. One, Ah Ee, at Upper Thomson and another that came in and rode on their popularity in Old Airport Road. Both...MORE
The President’s Humble Favourites
Davao, once originally known for durians in Philippines, is now known as the hometown of their President Rodrigo Duterte, the maverick President who has a penchant for the simpler things in life, from his sense of fashion (very often in tees and collared tees, even at official functions) to food....MORE
Chuan Wei Fang: The Chinatown Szechuan Connection
“Ye Lai Xiaaaaaang..” and the aging busker calmly croons about the Evening Flower as a group of weathered oldies and retirees gather around, some dropping appreciative dollars into his little money tin. But just a shout behind is a noisy cacophony of feeders in this particular section of this hawker...MORE
Eat First :The Father, Sons and the Survival Spirit…
Someone should make a movie out of this true story. To keep both his sons at bay and in the kitchen, he diligently taught them all the 12 signature Cantonese dishes the restaurant was known for…four steamed dishes, including their legendary steam carp fish head in fermented bean sauce, and...MORE
Hawker Centre Committee Report: More than 11 points needed
I read with interest the Hawker Centre 3.0 Committee Report (see link below). To begin, it’s about the government run hawker centres, not all about local heritage food culture which is bigger than this conversation. It is basically looking at the viability and continuity of under 7000 public hawker centre...MORE
Nimman Soi 5: From Top Ten to Top Tampines…
Orchard Towers may well be reputable for things you wouldn’t normally tell your tween kids about. But I have my story on why I used to visit it often enough once ago. At the fourth floor, just a shout away from the once popular Top Ten club (where some of...MORE
Sumo Big Prawn Noodles: Haha your way into the CNY
If you’ve always wondered why the Chinese community here eat what they do and shun some ingredients, well, it’s no big wonder. Unlike the northern Chinese folks who celebrate their new year with dumplings, all sorts of noodles and lamb hot pot, it’s a different story here. We are overrun...MORE
Plum Village may close soon...
It is a pity that after over a 3 decades run, 70 year old Mr Lai Fa Nian is considering shuttering up Plum Village, one of the last two Hakka (or Guest People) restaurants left in Singapore (apart from the yong tauhu eateries and cafes and Kew Garden Restaurant which...MORE
Skewer Bar: Getting Skewered In Geylang
There are 9 types of craft beers and ciders here, with garden furniture seats by the pathway, jazz music inside at the cozy air-conditioned seating area and the kushiyaki grill-stoves are specially hand carried here from a grill maker specialist from Guangzhou. All the servers and staff wears their hipster...MORE
Charlie’s Peranakan Food: Charlie’s Nonya Angels are Back
Some good old news to start the year with- good ol’ Charlie’s back. He was that maverick Baba chef that hopped from one spot to another- from Katong to Thomson and … ( I lost track). He thought he had it all and hung up his tumbuk (mortar and pestle)...MORE
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