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The Friendly Seafood Pirate
Many of these hawkers may be struggling in a Social Enterprise Hawker Centre under high rents and operation cost, which came under scrutiny recently, but I know there are makan gems hidden in these places. I recommended a young prawn and char siew noodle chef in the Pasir Ris Hawker...MORE
How Fish Head Curry Should Be
I am no expert on Indian food but I can sense just what one billion people in India enjoy and survive on every day. I am quite sure their full range of flavours are not totally represented in Singapore yet, I am very daunted each time I visit Little India...MORE
Please Preserve our Public Hawker Centres
Open Letter to Snr Minister of State Dr Amy Khor

Dear SMS Dr Amy Khor, 

Please Preserve our Public Hawker Centres

Thank you so much for studying the situation on the unfair practices of the Social Enterprise Hawker Centre (SEHC) organisations. You now asked them to be transparent in their...MORE
Joy Duck Club
It’s easy to enjoy a platter of Cantonese roast meats- laid out prettily on a long plate with a row of shiny dark brown roast duck, another of roast pork with crispy crackling and some cha siew gleaming with malt honey bbq sauce. It all sit above a bed of...MORE
Hand Power Epok Epok
Don’t get confused, there’s curry puff, kali pap, baked curry puff and epok epok. To a connoisseur, they all mean different things. Curry puff is the kind local fast food snack chains dish out- largely sold by Chinese hawkers and cooks. Kali pap is the triangular shaped crusty edge version...MORE
Prawnaholic: A Thinking Hawker’s Hae Mee
The best advice his sifu ever gave and taught him was “how to be a good person and professional”. And Alan Choong never forgot it, “the cooking skill I picked up was good but it’s what he taught me as a person, since I was 17.” His sifu is no...MORE
A Porridge called Comfort
There is porridge and there is porridge, plus congee. There’s Cantonese, Hainan, Teochew, Hokkien and the twain have met long ago. Now, there’s just good, comforting or sad versions around. Yes, I like all of these styles- creamy like from Guangzhou or Hong Kong, grainy like the Hainan local renditions,...MORE
One Last Hot Pot
I had reviewed this with a mind to share this last “cul-de-sac” of a retro and time forgotten hawker corner in Singapore. Not just for the nostalgia but for a seriously good steamboat spot. Jalan Benaan Kapal sits adjacent to the road leading to the Indoor Stadium and if you...MORE
Bak Kwa Siu-Dai
I have a love-hate relationship with bak kwa, that adorably sinful piece of bbq sugared and caramelised jerky. For one, you cannot eat too much of it or it gives you the someone-please-help-my-tummy feeling after the fourth slice (I know some need 10). But I never felt the love for...MORE
Not Social Enterprise Hawker Centres
Finally, our leaders are recognising how great a cultural icon the hawker centres are, not just as a building or the food served, but of the culture and heritage it represents. It resonates across folks of all creed, standing, race, religion and colour. Even our PM, who now wants our...MORE
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