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Colour Mee Purple
In desperation she wrote to me and regaled how she had to exit and terminate her previous stall at the social enterprise Jurong Hawker Centre some months ago. She could not continue the monthly loses due to the sad footfall and business. And her cost of operation was eating her...MORE
Stop Building Hawker Centres.. :Till we get it right.

All the recent noise and ventilation about the Social Enterprise Hawker Centres, indeed was targeted at nobody- the hawker yelled “tolong”, the people spoke, Government worked on it, the operators tweaked their contracts (albeit baby steps), and now there’s action. Again, I have to thank SMS Amy Khor on...MORE
Spa Treatment Mee Rebus
Much noise was recently ventilated regarding the social enterprise hawker centre controversy especially over the high cost of rentals. These hawkers are charged above market rate prices, with a tight leash on operation freedom and are also obliged to offer a least one dish at $3 or below. Of course...MORE
Penang Food Is Everywhere
All this noise about the hawkers being overcharged at the Social Enterprise Hawker Centres and at some regular older ones, are still ringing loudly both on and offline. Even a Senior Minister of State had to chime in and respond in Parliament. Ironically, all these indignant tones can actually mean...MORE
Brave Builders of French Flavours
Once a group of noisy “little millennial aunties” went to this restaurant, ordered nothing amidst peak hour and refused to budge when asked to. They even demanded an explanation why they had to leave when chef owner Joey Lim asked them to make way for paying customers. The “aunties” as...MORE
The Friendly Seafood Pirate
Many of these hawkers may be struggling in a Social Enterprise Hawker Centre under high rents and operation cost, which came under scrutiny recently, but I know there are makan gems hidden in these places. I recommended a young prawn and char siew noodle chef in the Pasir Ris Hawker...MORE
How Fish Head Curry Should Be
I am no expert on Indian food but I can sense just what one billion people in India enjoy and survive on every day. I am quite sure their full range of flavours are not totally represented in Singapore yet, I am very daunted each time I visit Little India...MORE
Please Preserve our Public Hawker Centres
Open Letter to Snr Minister of State Dr Amy Khor

Dear SMS Dr Amy Khor, 

Please Preserve our Public Hawker Centres

Thank you so much for studying the situation on the unfair practices of the Social Enterprise Hawker Centre (SEHC) organisations. You now asked them to be transparent in their...MORE
Joy Duck Club
It’s easy to enjoy a platter of Cantonese roast meats- laid out prettily on a long plate with a row of shiny dark brown roast duck, another of roast pork with crispy crackling and some cha siew gleaming with malt honey bbq sauce. It all sit above a bed of...MORE
Hand Power Epok Epok
Don’t get confused, there’s curry puff, kali pap, baked curry puff and epok epok. To a connoisseur, they all mean different things. Curry puff is the kind local fast food snack chains dish out- largely sold by Chinese hawkers and cooks. Kali pap is the triangular shaped crusty edge version...MORE
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