Chang Chui- Thailand, Bangkok
Meet the mother of open air food and street-market themed markets! Chang Chui is probably the most hype place in Thailand now...There is more to every corner of Chang Chui! MORE
Makansutra Guide Singapore 2017
It has been almost twenty years since the first edition of the Makansutra Singapore food guide book was inked. And in this tenth edition, expect are over 600 street food and heritage reviews, complete with new finds and updated listings. For online purchase, click on more... MORE
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Hock Leng Satay Beehoon: The last Lok Lok Hawker
Satay blanch blanch, that’s what it’s really called when translated to English. But I think I will stick to the traditional name Satay Lok Lok, and this is known to be the last such hawker stall in Singapore and I  have to give it due respect for the pleasure this 50 plus year old stall had given us. This Teochew dish has roots in Indonesia and Chaozhou in China. Many...MORE
Makko Teck Neo Nonya Café: Mark this Nonya Makko
The first thing that struck me here was the location, a cul-de-sac end of a HDB row of shop lots, framed by black and white bamboo curtains coloured with Nonya touches and lanterns. Push past the sliding glass doors and the cool interior reminded me of Nonya cafés I ate at, in Malacca- with a very loud counter be-decked with takeaway Nonya snack and kueh-kuehs. I thought they were related....MORE
3 Gems in Teck Ghee Square
This week, I hit another spot in my occasional public hawker centre series. By the time I make my way back to this one, around and pass the over 110 others in Singapore, the food variety in this place (and perhaps all the others), would have changed, along with the times. But I am not complaining, it’s more than a job, it’s food anthropology. But for now…

Teck Ghee Square…...MORE
Laksaamana: KL Style Laksa and the Nasi Legend
The Singapore folks met them at some event in Kuala Lumpur, hit it off, and only realised they are the owners of the famous Laksaamana group of cafes in Malaysia. One good thing led to another and now, Laksaamana is available in Singapore. I’ve many enjoyed their fare in Kuala Lumpur and although the menu spells things like laksa, prawn mee, soto ayam etc… it has a distinct Malaysian edge....MORE
Count Your Blessings, not your Calories
We have this unique culture of ours and we celebrate the diversity perhaps three to four times a year- at New Year, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidulfitri, Deepavali and sure, throw in  October Fest for comforting adopted festivals. If you can see each of this festivals through each year with your makan faculties intact – then count your blessings, not your calories. Enjoy the festival’s special food culture in...MORE
Arbite: Italian Buah Keluak Pieti
When you list world favorites like pasta, pizza, steaks and tiramisu on your menu, you are up against the world- every city have top restaurants that offer them in one form or another. But if you push it just a notch further and change the game, you rise above the din. Mark Wee did all the above eight years ago and is now opening up to what twists his culinary...MORE
Potato Balls of Fire!
You cannot avoid potatoes, they are everywhere. Come on, you Paleo diet devotees, you know you’ve sinned before because they do attractive and moreish things with it over the decades-  from tater tots, bagedil, hash browns, criss cut and curly fries, chips, rosti, bangers and mash and even gnocchi (I am sure I missed out a few hundred other renditions). Now, they did it again- with Kentang Ball. Imagine a...MORE
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