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Makansutra Guide Singapore 2017
It has been almost twenty years since the first edition of the Makansutra Singapore food guide book was inked. And in this tenth edition, expect are over 600 street food and heritage reviews, complete with new finds and updated listings. For online purchase, click on more... MORE
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Peng’s Catering: A Teochew Hideout in Hougang
Hougang is known to be a Teochew enclave, harking back to the old Kangkar wharf days (now a part of Sengkang) where the old Teochew community once thrived in a fishery business. They were known for their unique south Chinese cuisine. But today, ironically, that identity is beginning to thin out. Any and everyone can live there in the shiny and bright new blocks that dot the residential estate. You’ll...MORE
Dear Next Manpower Minister.. Please do not deprive us of manpower oxygen
I know it’s a long read, but it’s also a long standing problem and each one here is a long time sufferer of the archaic rule. We seriously need a big rethink on manpower strategies, especially with jobs Singaporeans clearly shun. I had been poking on this issues for a while now, raised this on many occasions at focus group and even mentioned it to senior government circles, since 2018....MORE
The Difference with Sri Lanka Curries
When you saunter about Tekka hawker centre, it’s hard to tell the various Indian rice stalls apart. They all look stunning and is either red, orange or brown, or all of it. Whether it’s Chettinadu or Kerala snacks, it assail your senses if, like me, you are not a Class A expert on such cuisines. But if you look long enough, ogle or stare at the curries, meats or vegetables,...MORE
Why eateries succeed and fail in Covid season

Why do some eateries and hawkers struggle and some are seemingly Covid proof? Many of them are losing up to 60% of business from pre-Covid days. For starters, a good recipe is not the full solution to good business. It’s also the demographics like location (and it’s more than about NSEW, Central or touristy zones), type of food, price points, presentation and the people you are targeting in the area. A good dollop...MORE

8 million meals a day needed

Perhaps 1.5 million amongst us may cook all month and eat at home during this “circuit breaker” month till 4th May, which leaves 4 million needing at least 2 decent meals a day, every day. The delivery companies cannot meet the demand and they only carry those few stalls that signed up with them .You can still eat well as all eateries are allowed to open this period, but for takeout only. Once you...MORE

Pink Candy: Korean Hawker and the Great Outdoors

Stay calm and eat on, or rather stay calmly away from crowds, and eat on at “safer” places, where practical and safe measures are implemented, in this virus pandemic. Open and airy spots are such options and if they offer a “stress relief” menu, carry on munching. This old and eclectic little roof top spot, complete with their own alfresco seating area overlooking Bukit Timah ticks in all the right boxes. And, the menu...MORE

The Hue to Go..
Finally, I made it to Hue (read: Hway), the northern, former ancient capital of Vietnam. I’ve always known it would stand head over shoulders above the other usual suspect cities there, by way of experiences. Hue is the food capital of Vietnam and I often wondered why. More noodles, rice cakes, wraps and grills. Well, yes and way more. To feel the heartbeat of a city’s food culture, you have...MORE
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