Ugly but delicious
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Da Jie Niang Dou Fu
The selection of yong tau foo is Halal, but you will spot many Chinese customers in the queue too. The stall offers hand-made items as well as supplied ones and rare options like stuffed crab shells and yam roll. MORE
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Lavender Food Square: Closing without a Closure

It was one of those strange moments, when hawker centres no longer seemed attractive and vibrant, but rather forlorn and eerie, with a hint of dampness and doom. Today is the final day of operations and the many stalls that had already closed at Lavender Food Square to create room for a new condominium foreshadowed what the hawker centre would look like come October. It’s another story of development pushing out the people who...MORE

Hong Lim Food Centre: Die Die Must Try, before they soon retire.

It’s been a year to the week since Tay Khang Huat’s father passed on and left their iconic curry chicken noodle business to him and his mother. Naturally, I enquired and his mother Mdm Theng Pow Chen quipped “ I think they have all gone to this great hawker centre in the sky, the whole gang.” , she smiles and reflects on her late husband Tay Yong Heng, who started this household name stall...MORE

Chettinad Foods: The original cuisine of Singapore “financiers”

It’s inarguable that Singapore today is a financial centre. The financial experts here aren’t a new breed though. The Chettiar or “Chetty”, who came from Tami Nadu, South India, even before the mid-nineteenth century, operated money-lending businesses in warehouses known as kittangi. Although they sound like very rich, sophisticated men, many Chetty operated their businesses simply, sitting cross-legged with a wooden box and a cupboard to safeguard documents, waiting for clients who arrived by...MORE

Groupon and Deal: Are the dining discounts just a ploy?

“I’m not sure we should go there if it’s on Groupon and Deal,” a woman said to her friend. She explained that she feared food “on sale” would be bad food. Otherwise, why would it be on sale? But, triggered by the woman’s remarks, we wanted to test whether coupon foods are indeed “desperate” in quality. So we set off on a Groupon and Deal hunt and headed to five random eateries, from...MORE

12 STONES NOODLE HOUSE: Back to Basics, again

12 Stones Noodle House was started by Roy Loi, the main chef of the now-defunct Loy Sum Juan ( 黎三元 ) at Murray Terrace, which closed in February 2014. He started as a chef working in their family restaurant about 24 years ago, before the 40-year-old Loy Sum Juan ceased operation due to a shortage of manpower and rental hikes.



Bread Street Kitchen: ITE student is Ramsay’s Intern

There had been much speculation about where Gordon Ramsay would set up this restaurant in Singapore. From Keong Saik Road to Sentosa, much gossip was generated. In the end, he only wondered why George Tanasevich, President and CEO of MBS, took so long to invite him for this gig. But, he’s here now, and Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen will be installed at the Marina Bay Sands in April if next year and ......MORE

Big Bern’s American Grill: Bernie’s Back

“I realised I was put on earth to make my wife smile at least once a day.”, and that is the bare minimum this man can do for her, as she is the “rock of my life”, says Bernie Utchenik. The big botak man behind a string of American grill restaurants and bars in Singapore, starting with Blooies off Upper East Coast Road. Listening to his story about his journey through the makan scene...MORE

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