A richly good friday
Classic dish of nasi lemak would include toppings such as fried fish, egg, sambal cuttlefish, cucumber, ikan billis and a biting chilli sambal. At Haji Maksah Barkat Chahya Food Stall the rice is light, loose and fluffy that goes great with their spicy and sweetish sambal. At Bali Nasi Lemak, their ingredients are made... MORE
Your comfort street food destination
If you're thinking what's at this new eatery we opened...well watch the video and see for yourself. We can't think of a better way to spend the long weekend than lepaking (chill out) on the beach after some sinful makan. 
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Bye Bye, Arp Geok Pao?
The bad news first - another coffeeshop stall goes belly up after the monthly rental shot up significantly to S$12,000 overnight. Nothing shocking and not very “newsy” in these days of steep rent increase practices. But the news here is that along with their departure, will go, probably, the last arp geok pao (鸭脚包, ya jiao bao or literally ‘duck feet bundle’ in Cantonese) in Singapore. If you’ve not heard...MORE
A Soupy “Wetnesday”
It’s a bowl of comfort and soul or however you wish to associate it. It has been said that in ancient China, people had soup on a daily basis. China’s dynastic families indulged in luxuries such as shark’s fin soup, while the common folks made a meal of watery mixture with beancurd or any local produce that was available. Despite its birth thousands of years ago, people...MORE
A $50K Robot Can’t Replace A Chef
Everything here is automatic, and happening at the same time - five woks stir-frying, six portions of wanton mee boiling, seven kilos of carrots diced to bits in 15 seconds… at a hawker centre near you. These Star Trek-esque machines will chop, roll, slice, churn, boil... at the push of a button - the most you need to do is adding in the raw ingredients and collecting the steaming hot...MORE
A New Fish Ball Story
Everything about them spells street smart and even the kopi aunty next door says “you li mao” (well mannered). But these two young hawkers (or gen-Y street food warriors, as I would call them) are atypical of less academically educated, hard working blue collar kids who need to make ends meet with their charm and wit. Douglas Ng, 23, used to run a “fusion cze cha” café...MORE
Kopi-O-Gao Tiramisu for Easter
Tiramisu is the ubiquitous dessert featured on every Italian joint's menu and rightly so, as it’s regarded as Italy's national dessert since its origination in the Renaissance period. History suggests it being first popularized in the region of Treviso, where it was the most loved dessert of the prostitutes there who needed a quick pick-me-up lift of energy for romancing customers. There are also other comical but less glamorized versions...MORE
That Nasty Easter Egg Surprise
When you see garishly coloured candies and sweets and lollipops, rabbit ornaments and chocolate eggs lining the shelves and shop windows everywhere, you know the Easter season is upon us. While some of us have outgrown eagerly anticipating sweet Easter treats, we still relish the excuse to go choc-crazy over them. 

A popular Easter goodie is the Kinder Surprise egg. It’s the best...MORE
Breakfast Is For Losers
She is consciously looking for ways to put some flesh on those bones. He gets his kick from fast food chow. She is the fastest woman in Singapore, the first to hit the Olympics in 36 years, and he a sprinting legend, who placed 7th in a 100m heat at the 2004 Summer Olympics. We met at the soon-to-be defunct Longhouse Food Centre at Upper Thomson Road,...MORE
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