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SG50: Deliciously Singaporean aimed at raising public awareness about Singapore’s food heritage and culture, reminding Singaporeans of our diversity and shared heritage, as well as fostering a sense of national identity and rootedness. 
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5 Halal Cafés in the East
Penny University 
Address: 402 East Coast Road Singapore 428997
Tel: +65 9008 9314
Opening hours: Mon – Thu 8.30am to 6pm; Fri – Sat 8.30m to 10.30pm; Sun 8.30m to 7pm

Penny University is a term that originated from 18th century coffeehouses in London, England. Instead of paying for drinks, people were charged a penny to enter a coffeehouse. But here in Katong, you don’t have to pay a penny to enter the...MORE
5 Plates of Pleasure
This week isn’t about one particular restaurant or hawker that floated my boat because that’s not how my makan mind works. It really is about the dish the people and the stories behind it. It also frames us for a list of new finds and tales that we will inked in our next edition of Makansutra Singapore, coming up soon. So much had happened since our last book 2 years...MORE
Gelatos with a Singapore spin.
Singapore - summer all year round. We have seen people battling the heat through various means such as drinking coconut water, the $1 (now increased to $1.20) ice-cream from the Walls ice-cream van uncle or heading into one of the fully air-conditioned shopping malls. 

It’s time to switch it up, take a walk on the wild side, be adventurous and have a lick of these four local flavours ice-cream that...MORE
Favourite 3 Thai Boat Noodles
Kway teow ruea or Thai boat noodles are popping up all over Singapore. These small bowls of dark, rich broth with bitesize noodles are a real burst of flavour. While we aren’t allowed to use pig’s blood like they do in Thailand, the eateries here have their own secret ways of making it taste as close as possible.

There are about ten places now but which ones should you check...MORE
Keep Quiet and Love Her Fried Lychee Balls
You can tell the second you push past the glass door that the chef-owner here is not sure if she is running a café professionally or as a hobby. One side lay a set of lounge sofa done in manner not different from what you see in many HDB houses, and on the other, a feeble but clean attempt to lay out a few table meant for serious diners. But...MORE
Punggol Mee Goreng

For Sambal
•        5 pcs Fresh Red Chilli   5 pcs
•        5 pcs Dried Red Chilli (soak for an hour)
•        3 bulbs Garlic                    
•        3 bulbs Onions...MORE

Hot Teochew Muay in Cool Comfort
Conveniently located right beside UE Square, this Teochew Muay restaurant is a bright old fashioned welcome to the rather hipster River Valley Road. Set up by 54-year-old Jacky Tan and 38-year-old Chen Wen Kai, they wanted a comfortable setting for fans of Chao Zhou porridge. Mr Tan dabbled in the construction and trade industry before switching over to the food and beverage trade. 

Do it without the sweltering humidity from...MORE
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