Majestic Peking Duck
This is Singapore first Peking Duck hawker stall brought to you by the folks from Majestic Group. Selling at $24 for this platter, it's one of the cheapest Peking Duck you can get from this part of the equator. It is available only at Makansutra Gluttons Bay!
20 to 24 April 2016
The World Street Food Congress 2016 (WSFC16) was be held in the Philippines, where we received overwhelming responses. The Dialogue was held from 20th to 21st April 2016 and the Jamboree from 20th to 24th April 2016. MORE
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Three Eggs and the Oysters
Let’s get one fact clear today- to render a god version of this sinful platter of or luak or fried oyster omelette with all those crispy, gummy and eggy edges with soft starchy sensations and juicy oysters burrowed within, a lot of oil has to be used. I kid you not, just take a look at how many spatula of oil is showered on the pan before and as they...MORE
What Makes a Good: Char Kway Teow
Char Kway Teow is one of the Teochew dishes that has captured the hearts and bellies of several local and tourists. Case in point, there are plenty of listicles on char kway teow, such as “5 best char kway teow” and “Top 10 char kway teow places”, even an article attributed to the BBC, names it as one of the “ Top Ten Healthy Dishes” with a caveat- it was...MORE
I Want My Noodles Too…
I asked and pried for an answer as to why he stepped into this harsh field of the food business arena (from a few angles, mind you) and I still could not get a decent answer. I had to because Derrick Kuah was, up to two years ago , an art director with an established agency and he personally handled accounts like Heineken Beer and Nokia. It would make an...MORE
Gaga over Lala Beehoon
Call a rose by any other name, and it’s still as sweet and lovely. Just like how you would call White Beehoon, Seafood Beehoon, Braised Beehoon  and now, Lala Beehoon, by another name. It’s essentially what the Cantonese call Mun Mifen or braised beehoon. The appeal of this dish,  is the comforting feel about it. Slurpy smooth seafood stock braised beehoon is cooked with prawns, clams, crabs, squid with vegetables...MORE
Food Democracy at Whampoa
Today, I am going halal or Muslim fare. This is my makan birth right in Singapore. I can eat anything I want anytime, and no one will bother me. This food democracy, unfortunately is not reflected in the recent Michelin Singapore guide book. In frustration, I decided to walkabout and tracked a couple of halal Malay dishes and also stumbled upon a refreshing gem- a orange peel sour plum...MORE
We Don't Need Stars From a Sponsored Michelin Guide
Now that I am up for air after all these recent giddy-hoohas over the recent Michelin Singapore guide awards and star rankings, I need to inflect and reflect. So bear with me. 

For starters, let’s qualify this fact- this is the first time the much vaunted and independent Michelin Guide is sponsored. So a wine company, the local tourism folks and an integrated resort facilitated the whole show. While Michelin...MORE
How delicious is the Bib Gourmand.
The internet vitriol over the recent announcement of Bib Gourmand hawkers as recommended by the upcoming Michelin Singapore food guide was, at the very least, disappointing for the online local foodie watchdogs and community here. Bib Gourmand awards are “recommendations” by the Michelin food guide, not Michelin star winners. For starters “ we relied on full time international judges, and even foreigners based locally.” said the guide book international director...MORE
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