8 April to 12 April 2015
Mark your calendar from 8 April to 12 April! Get your street food fix from 24 stalls around the world! Join us for the dialogue sessions; be inspired by our speaker and we want to hear from YOU. Sign up, tell us your ideas and what you like to hear...
Lemongrass Fried Rice
Looking for your next street  food fix? Come on down to Makansutra Gluttons Bay for our new menu item – Lemongrass fried rice from Thai Yummy! Made with crabmeat, rice, and infused with fragrant lemongrass! Can anyone else hear their tummy rumbling? MORE
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Chef By Day, Sculptor By Night

Picture this, a chef hosting his personal art exhibition at the restaurant he cooks at. Chef during the day and sculptor by night; many would be surprised at the many not-so-hidden talents of Head Chef Leong Chee Yeng at Jade, The Fullerton Hotel. With an avid passion for sculpturing, the 48-year-old chef has been investing in his hobby since his early 20’s and had never looked back. His artworks  such as various pottery pieces are...MORE

Hong Kong Eating: Off the Tourist Food Traps

Hipsters relish every opportunity to go off the beaten track, and for those who are seeking something beyond eggs benedict, Tai O, a little-known fishing village in Hong Kong is the place to go.  You will need half a day away for this journey and meal experience then pack home some of their belacan.


The journey in Tai O must start in a shed, with two...MORE

Tetsuya Wakuda’s Passions

There was little surprise when Tetsuya Wakuda was named 2015 Diners Club® Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, as part of the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants awards programme now in its third year.


As head kitchen honcho of Waku Ghin in Singapore and Tetsuya’s in Sydney, Wakuda-san has earned consistent acclaim for creating stellar Japanese dishes...MORE

Why Old Kitchen Tools Never Die

If you have tried to duplicate the flavours of street food, are convinced that you have all the right ingredients and the skills of a master hawker, it could puzzle you when your dish just doesn’t quite taste the same. The reason could be the most unsuspecting one – the cooking tool.


Tai Thong Crescent: Good Food Junction
It wasn’t too long ago that I took fellow fearless foodie Anthony Bourdain to this little makan enclave for his first encounter with a shark..head, steamed with wine and soy sauce. At least it felt recent. The defunct Tian Jin Hai Seafood cze cha folks stunned this maverick eater and next thing, his crew showed up to film it for his No Reservation TV series for the whole world to...MORE
Ponggol Nasi Lemak: Comfort Food Served Fast-Food Style
Air-conditioned, spacious and brightly lit; without its signboard, one could easily mistake Ponggol Nasi Lemak’s latest store for a fast-food restaurant. Located along Jalan Besar Road, this flagship store was launched in December 2014 to celebrate Ponggol Nasi Lemak’s 35 th anniversary. Besides donning a whole new look, ordering systems and food preparations have also undergone some revamp. This move towards the contemporary is attributed to third generation owner Edmund...MORE
Daniel Wang Tribute: The Man Who Banned Chewing Gum
He is the reason why you don’t see spittoons in coffeeshops served by “kopi kia” wearing shabby pyjama pants anymore“. That spittoon is a planet of bacteria and have you seen how often those kopi kias in their dirty jammies scratch their bollocks before they served you that cuppa?” he once told me, adding, with a funny twist,  “they always miss when spitting, so I banned them”.  Daniel Wang was...MORE
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