The Food Surprise Season 2!
Catch the surprises coming your way on Monday, 15 Dec 2014, 9.30PM on TLC. Our makan guru, KF Seetoh is back with more. In this series, he travels to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines to find the best food each country has to offer. Join in our mailing list now for stall listings. MORE
24Hrs Street Food Frenzy Safari
Makansutra organized the first-ever 24hr comfort and street food tour in association with the second installation of the World Street Food Congress 2015. Join us in the adventure and for more details, check out www.wsfcongress.com MORE
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Da Tou Xia: A Young Hawker’s Perseverance

Most of us would go to great lengths to find tasty food. But how many of us would sink in months of effort into learning how to make tasty food for others?


Da Tou Xia (Big Head Prawns) is a story of perseverance and...MORE

Chinese Tea Pairing: Which Tea is ‘Most Forgiving”

When asked for a drink that best accompanies her desserts, Mandy Long (founder of Kungfu Teahouse, 30 Temple Street), without so much as batting an eyelid, smiled and answered “chinese black tea.” adding, “there’s just something about the sweetness that makes me think of black tea.” To her, the winning tea and desserts combination would be black tea and tiramisu where the tannin taste of the tea is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of...MORE

Ramen In Singapore: Losing the Ra-Ra for it

With at least three ramen stores situated in the area surrounding Tanjong Pagar Plaza, it is near impossible to deny Singaporeans’ (especially Generation Y) love for and access to ramen. Sure, with the springy noodles and rich, clear/cloudy soup, what’s there not to love about, right? This Gen Y will revel in 140 online social media characters on just what’s not to love about ramen in Singapore. Every single time, like a repeat groove...MORE

NASI LEMAK KUKUS.COM: Check them out

Besides food, what usually leaves an impression when dining out has to be the heartwarming service, which we do not get it often these days. A check list of simple good idea of sorts behind the company works too. At Nasi Lemak Kukus, I was greeted by a friendly makcik (Malay aunty) the moment when I stepped in (attentive service- check). She cheerfully called out to me, ‘Hello, Sayang!’ She even made...MORE

The Food Surprise! Season 2
So…our makan guru KF Seetoh is back with more in THE FOOD SURPRISE 2! Watch the surprises as he springs upon unsuspicious and unprepared chefs, cooks and restaurateurs- he even surprises himself along the way. In this series, he travels to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines to find the best food each country has to offer. Bookmark this page as we roll out more episode details each week!
Hahaha Thai Seafood is not funny

This first thing I noticed on the menu was the price: it was a bit north of usual, but it was justifiably so. The loud menu was touting lobsters, abalone, king prawns and huge mud crabs. It’s like one of the “karaoke customers only” kind of eatery where one needs to show-off their status to please the mama-san kind of place. But it’s not. “We have our own kelong off Changi and supply fresh...MORE


Old familiar places are fast disappearing amidst the process of urbanization and what’s left behind are often just the fond memories of their existence. Some of these decades old dating places of yesteryear, even though are still around, beckons a question- how much longer would they be? Let’s not wait any longer to bring along our parents to visit these places once more: to reminisce the past over a meal or drink,...MORE

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