Majestic Peking Duck
This is Singapore first Peking Duck hawker stall brought to you by the folks from Majestic Group. Selling at $24 for this platter, it's one of the cheapest Peking Duck you can get from this part of the equator. It is available only at Makansutra Gluttons Bay!
20 to 24 April 2016
The World Street Food Congress 2016 (WSFC16) was be held in the Philippines, where we received overwhelming responses. The Dialogue was held from 20th to 21st April 2016 and the Jamboree from 20th to 24th April 2016. MORE
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How delicious is the Bib Gourmand.
The internet vitriol over the recent announcement of Bib Gourmand hawkers as recommended by the upcoming Michelin Singapore food guide was, at the very least, disappointing for the online local foodie watchdogs and community here. Bib Gourmand awards are “recommendations” by the Michelin food guide, not Michelin star winners. For starters “ we relied on full time international judges, and even foreigners based locally.” said the guide book international director...MORE
More Respect from a Tyre Company Please….

I wonder why they want to call it the Bib Gourmand awards... it’s as if they want to recognise but not acknowledge these humble eateries that are so popular in the land they serve in. Bib Gourmand sounds like Shrek having char kway teow with a bib on at the hawkers. Don’t get me wrong, having Michelin in Singapore is a big deal for tourism but don’t pull your hair over this – you...MORE

Creatures of Comfort Food
This is the last place where you’ll expect to find an eatery like this along the notoriously red  Desker Road. But then again, the face and food culture of Singapore is evolving as I write. And this place, is logical, by that thinking. It’s sort of like a bourdoir café and yet not quite (read: hipster chi-chi). The aroma of lemongrass perfumes the place when you step in- which is...MORE
The First Peking Duck Hawker in Singapore
What does an entrepreneur do after opening three successful Cantonese restaurants in Singapore and has the appetite for more action- they open up a hawker stall featuring the best of their kitchens. No one told the folks from Majestic Restaurant Group that expanding to where the foodie masses are, is not an option. Besides, diners that feed at food centres, especially in town, are also the customers who can afford...MORE
Asian Pies: Pie Pie Must Try, Ayam Masak Merah Pot Pie
The Ayam Masak Merah (chicken cooked in red sauce) is traditionally eaten at Malay weddings and even at Hari Raya gatherings, is also the firm favourite for most. Many liked it due to its enticing flavour – tangy, spicy and with a subtle hint of sweetness wrapped around chicken.

The steps are fairly tedious and laborious, so how? We invited Evonne Lee co-author of Asian Pies to show us a...MORE
Bread and Butter Issue
If you travel up to Manila for work or leisure as often as I do of late, for the World Street Food Congress and our, soon to open Makansutra Food Hall in SM Megamall, then you sort know by know that there’s no proper street food culture in that “Incredible Philippines”. Incredible, all those centuries of multi coloured and cultured culinary heritage yielded nada in the street food department (excluding...MORE
Majestic Peking Duck: World’s First Peking Duck Hawker?

This may be a world’s first Peking Duck hawker stall. And no, it’s not some make shift dirt wood fire stove by some roadside where the cook is seen blowing into the neck crevice to inflate the duck just before they roast it. But it’s close though. The award winning Chef Yong Bing Ngen and Chef Yang Lai Fatt from the Majestic Group of restaurants under the Unlisted Collection Group, have gone hawking. They...MORE

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