In celebration of SG50
SG50: Deliciously Singaporean aimed at raising public awareness about Singapore’s food heritage and culture, reminding Singaporeans of our diversity and shared heritage, as well as fostering a sense of national identity and rootedness. 
Operating hours for CNY
7 February 2016 (eve of CNY)- 5pm to 3am
8 February 2016 (CNY day 1)- 5pm to 3am
9 February 2016 (CNY day 2)- 4pm to 1am
 * Lion dance performance at 4pm on 9 Feb 16
10 February 2016- 4pm to 2am
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Heng Hwa, the Proud Cousins of the Hokkiens
Did you know that Singapore has a Putian community of an estimated 25000 people? Known as the Heng Hwa, they are a minority as compared to the bigger Singapore Chinese dialect groups, Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew and Hakka. 

Hailing from the coastal area, of Fuijian province, their cuisine consists mainly of seafood and also pork – their land has been blessed by Mother Earth with abundance. Despite all that, the Heng...MORE
Auspicious Street Food: 9 Courses In A Go.

Been there, done that and sad if you are giving McDonald, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Pizza Hut’s delivery a ring, during the lull Chinese New Year period where almost all of your favourite makan places are closed. This is the downside of Chinese New Year. It’s an oxymoron- living in a food mad city in the most popular festival and not able to get your favourite, let alone auspicious,...MORE

Foodspotting at Whampoa
There are about 109 public hawker centres in Singapore (give and take two to three slated for renovation and a couple of new ones). Given this fact, how can it not be a joy and a culinary adventure of sorts to go discover and check what good and new at these street makan hubs.  If you diligently visited a different one each weekend, it will take you about two years...MORE
The Eat-Everything CNY Diet
So the feasting frenzy called Chinese New Year is aweigh and heading your way soon. I know it will be a nightmare for the Weight Watchers and Biggest-Loser club members and fans. It’s almost rude to decline food offered this festive season. And you’ll get the same old stuff- with Yu Sheng topping the list. But think bak kwa, that whole nine course dinner without the noodles and rice (ok,...MORE
Raw Fish Ban- Only One Hawker Now Sells It
Fans of hawker style raw fish salad and you stay around the East area, tough luck. They’ve all been banned, due to the recent spate of deaths and diseases related to eating hawker style raw fish salads. If you had not noticed by now, only two stalls in the country (for now) are allowed to sell them - you’ll need to travel down to Alexandra Village Food Centre. Rui Ji...MORE
White Beehoon - what’s the big deal?
Perhaps it’s the renaming of an old boring dish called braised beehoon in clear stock or its Cantonese monicker “mun mai fun”. But this simple dish, became somewhat of a sensation when a coffeeshop in Sembawang began to call it White Beehoon a few years ago- helped by the fact they delivered a moreish version. Often, it’s all about the stock and the braise technique. The dish has gone viral...MORE
Truly Test Kitchen: New Kids in the Industrial Building
Remember the young hawkers behind the homey fare of Truly Curry Rice at Telok Blangah? 

They have moved from the cramped tiny space there to a 3,000 square feet coffeeshop or canteen with five stalls each offering different concepts - the signature Hainanese curry rice; noodles and pasta; Western fare; handmade meatball porridge and yam/pumpkin cake; and drinks. Joel Chia and Deniece...MORE
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