Ah Boling
Glutinous rice balls with peanut and sesame filling, served with dessert soups like almond paste, sesame paste or their winner peanut soup. At Dessert Hut, the ah boling here is soft and smooth. The paste has a gritty texture that contrasts nicely with the smooth dumpling. Hmm... One more please. MORE
Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak
The sign reads "No 2 Adam Road is No 1 Nasi Lemak" and the quality speaks for itself. Their rice is nicely done - loose, fluffy, not too  rich and slightly al dente. Their sambal is charmingly spicy, sweet and dense at the same time. Be prepared to line up for their makan. MORE
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Balestier Market: A Minor Resurrection of Long House Stalls

The Long House was originally a hawker centre outside the old Jalan Besar Stadium before it moved to Upper Thomson, when the Stadium was undergoing renovation in 2000. These stalls had to move again fourteen years later when the prime piece of land they sat on was acquired for commercial developments in April this year.


So, where have they relocated to now?


Salute Kopitam: Salute to this Kopitiam

They can now be considered coffeshop or kopitiam “lifestyle savants”, by default, actually. It’s a little coffeeshop parked beside an old estate by a car workshop row, once frequented mostly by these blue collar mechanics that keeps your car and motorbikes humming along nicely. Then, Chua Teck Ming, 63 and his son Kiat Tat 25, took over the lease. “ My father came home each evening worried sick over business and had sleepness nights”,...MORE

Penang to ban foreign hawkers, what about Singapore.

It sounds like a great plan, one that will resonate not just with patriotic locals but food loving visitors to their island too. If it goes through, by next year, all licensed street food hawkers in Penang, Malaysia, will helmed by Penangites only. No foreign street food cooks please, we need to protect our food heritage, their Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng says. I read this report just after that historic Germany Brazil World...MORE

Hougang and Upper Serangoon Area- What To Eat?

The area is considered a “Teochew” heartland. Many of the residents back in the day were working in, around and for the old Kangkar port and fishery. Naturally, street food hawked in that area were Teochew comfort fare that has gone on to become national favourites like...MORE

Cooking with Chinese Herbs

In Chinese culture, food is medicine. Adding the right herbs in the right combination can help remedy, nourish and fortify the constitution. But the mind-boggling variety of traditional Chinese herbs and their functions can be daunting. Chefs Arron Huang from Taiwan and Yong Bing Ngen of Majestic Restaurant put together three modern recipes using commonly available herbs from Eu Yan Sang. They gave a cooking demo at ToTT to show how simple and tasty cooking...MORE

World Cup Final: Lazy midnight snack recipes
If your plan is to rest all Sunday then resurrect like a football mad maniac past midnight, and catch that history repeating final between Argentina and Germany in the living room at 3am, then there are a few situations you might want to consider in the planning stages. Chiefly, that you will be hungry again at 2am, plus that you’ll be too lazy to go out and get supper. All,...MORE
Singapore Food Festival: More old dishes we are losing

This year’s Singapore Food Festival will be upon us from tomorrow with and it is taking “A Walk Down Memory Lane” in the 21th installation of this yearly event. The unique flavours are going back in history with Peranakan, Eurasian, Malay and Chinese fare. But there are...MORE

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