The Food Surprise Season 2!
Catch the surprises coming your way on Monday, 15 Dec 2014, 9.30PM on TLC. Our makan guru, KF Seetoh is back with more. In this series, he travels to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines to find the best food each country has to offer. Join in our mailing list now for stall listings. MORE
A Cantonese Favourite Snack
The steamed yam & radish cakes at Ah Lo Cooked Food are wobbly and melt in the mouth. They are generous in the use of yam and radish, which give a fragrant earthy sensation in each piece. No fancy garnish or a stinging chilli to mask the quality - just soya sauce, simple chilli sauce... MORE
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Ice Creams: Gelato, Froyo Or Potong?
From gelato to frozen yoghurt, we are basically spoilt for choice. But after a hefty meal at your local food court, what cold pleasures float your boat? Are you just out for anything sweet? Maybe it’s because of the wide availability of cold desserts that have us a little confused but mamy amongst us  would have problems differentiating froyo from ice cream (in case you were wondering, no, gelato isn’t...MORE
Yu Char Kueh: The General’s Youtiao
Ever wondered why youtiaos come in pairs or why they are known as You Zhar Gui/Kueh, literally translated as oil fried ghost/pastry? Whichever the case, I’m pretty sure General Yue Fei would be the last person you would associate this crispy yet fluffy snack with. You may bevaguely familiar with the Chinese-based roots of youtiao, but you would be surprised to discover the huge rolethe General played in the invention...MORE
Shima: Teppanyaki pioneer revamps itself
SHIMA at Goodwood Park Hotel is an icon of Singapore’s culinary scene. In 1980, it gave us our first taste of fine-dining teppanyaki. Although the Japanese dining scene has since witnessed the blossoming of many sophisticated restaurants, SHIMA held its ground and continued serving its fiercely loyal pack of regulars.

But time holds for no one, and even SHIMA has undergone a revamp. The original founder Katsuhiro Watanabe has retired...MORE
Cove 99: A notch above the ordinary
“Check out Cove 99!”  The message came from a makan buddy who was on holiday and was following an online discussion we had about new finds. When Mrs. Florence Lim recommends a restaurant, we pay attention as she’s well respected in our circles. Some calls were made and manager Serena suggested a menu and even offered to de-shell the chilli crab we ordered (so that we can enjoy our wines...MORE
Good Chance Popiah: Popiah That Bonds

“Just call me Ah Boy like everyone in the industry does” and I jokingly remind him that there are also many “Ah Boys” in the food industry so we stuck to Boon Kai Chun. I thought to myself, this Ah Boy is in for one roller coaster ride in today’s makan business. “My grandfather, who’s 95 this year, founded the restaurant in the 70’s and now, it’s me at the helm, ever since my...MORE

Food Truck Shops: A New Mobile App
Imagine a bongo van bar, sitting breezily at night at a open public space away from the maddening crowd, by some forgotten conveniently located riverside spot. You eye a shot of that single malt whiskey on ice as you ponder what that next food truck is serving. They put anything that can be considered Asian yakitori or kushiyaki over the grill- from fish otah nuggets, pepper crab claws, grilled king...MORE
Shi Li Fang Gets Personal
Steamboat - how we love our hot pots. We are so used to it being an almost celebratory communal feast that when individual hot pots were introduced some time ago, they failed to take off. But times have changed and Shi Li Fang 食立方 Hotpot at Orchard Central is giving this concept a go again.  

At this bright orange and black contemporary eatery, there’s a long U-shaped bar with...MORE
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