The Food Surprise Season 2!
Catch the surprises coming your way on Monday, 15 Dec 2014, 9.30PM on TLC. Our makan guru, KF Seetoh is back with more. In this series, he travels to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines to find the best food each country has to offer. Join in our mailing list now for stall listings. MORE
Spring has sprung...May this New Year of the Ram, spring countless blessings upon you. Happy Chinese New Year 新年快乐. 
Makansutra Gluttons Bay will still be open! 18 Feb 2015 to 21 Feb 2015: 5pm to 3am. See you there!
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Singapore Sling: It’s Time We Moved On
If the old doesn’t go, the new won’t come, is the adage each Chinese New Year. And when you are about to nurse that next shot of tequila or Bacardi coke at your weekend party, think- what is your national poison and what’s so Singaporean about the Singapore Sling? Isn’t it time we conceived a new national tipple? Whilst the scarlet concoction may be familiar to the tourists, less than...MORE
Old Flavours and New Carriers

It is no longer surprising to come across funky creations such as the Ba Chor Mee sandwhich or a Nasi Lemak cupcake where food vehicles such as cup cakes, cheese cakes, ice-cream and even you tiao can now be found carrying or stuffed with a wide variety of local and distinct flavours. I remember the times when the presentation of the food was all that mattered; as long as the dish is...MORE

Say Pong!
Sawadeeka! Remember how you’d beat the heat with some ice cream goodness served in a coconut husk after hours of bargain hunting at Chatuchak Market? Some have most probably heard but the rendition of this sweet treat can now be found at *Scape, where the Thai style gelato is now accompanied with a scoop of homemade sorbet, fresh coconut slices and toppings of your choice. Tuck into the sweet surprise...MORE
The Sound of Food: Tu Tu, Lok Lok Ding Ding And Kok Kok

As the new Chinese Year of the Ram ticks in, we reflect on just how fast food culture has moved on but are not totally prepared to forget some interestingly noisy aspects of our past food culture.  I’m pretty sure you would have noticed and are trying to figure out the catchy headline sounds whilst re-reading it.  Lok Lok literally means boil-boil in Cantonese and although they may appear less than fascinating, these sounds,...MORE

CNY Dish Fatigue : Some Spicy Reprieves
By now, the mere thought of a week more of Lo Hei Prosperity Raw Fish Salad can be scary. Don’t even think about what they say when you eat too much raw fish. Also, you have to face more steamed or fried prawns, steamed or baked fish, bak kwa of various flavours, braised chicken, monkey nuts, pineapple tarts etc.. plus, just how much more mushroom, dried oyster and fatt choi...MORE
Gongsi Raya: How Our Non-Chinese Friends Celebrate Chinese New Year

With almost every shop draped in red and gold screaming  dong dong jiang  at maximum volume, I think it’s safe to say that a big chunk of our population is onto Chinese New Year fever.  Chinese New Year on our little red dot is almost like a nationwide holiday. But amidst all the dusting and eating, have you ever wondered our non-Chinese friends are up to during the long...MORE

The World Is Running Out Of Chocolates
While chocolates are not a big part of Chinese New Year (safe for those gold foil wrapped ones- and we know why many Chinese buy them which is not for the chocolates), we want to take this time off to distill a little concern regarding this chocolate affair of ours at large- there’s less of it left because we are consuming more than we make them.

Molten Lava Cakes, Chocolate...MORE
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