Chillaxing escape to Letung Island!
The nowhere man on a nowhere land. Join food guru, Kf Seetoh, for a chillaxing escape to Letung, a little island in the Anambas, Riau Islands, Indonesia. MORE
Makansutra Guide Singapore 2017
It has been almost twenty years since the first edition of the Makansutra Singapore food guide book was inked. And in this tenth edition, expect are over 600 street food and heritage reviews, complete with new finds and updated listings. For online purchase, click on more... MORE
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Prawnaholic: A Thinking Hawker’s Hae Mee
The best advice his sifu ever gave and taught him was “how to be a good person and professional”. And Alan Choong never forgot it, “the cooking skill I picked up was good but it’s what he taught me as a person, since I was 17.” His sifu is no other than the well-respected Chef Sam Leong, who once headed the Tung Lok kitchens and led the award-winning Forest Restaurant...MORE
A Porridge called Comfort
There is porridge and there is porridge, plus congee. There’s Cantonese, Hainan, Teochew, Hokkien and the twain have met long ago. Now, there’s just good, comforting or sad versions around. Yes, I like all of these styles- creamy like from Guangzhou or Hong Kong, grainy like the Hainan local renditions, just soft rice with fish soup ala the Teochew versions, the “explosive” porridge (there they top it with deep fried...MORE
One Last Hot Pot
I had reviewed this with a mind to share this last “cul-de-sac” of a retro and time forgotten hawker corner in Singapore. Not just for the nostalgia but for a seriously good steamboat spot. Jalan Benaan Kapal sits adjacent to the road leading to the Indoor Stadium and if you are an arena soccer fan, you’ll be familiar with the few indoor football halls sited there. It faces a green...MORE
Bak Kwa Siu-Dai
I have a love-hate relationship with bak kwa, that adorably sinful piece of bbq sugared and caramelised jerky. For one, you cannot eat too much of it or it gives you the someone-please-help-my-tummy feeling after the fourth slice (I know some need 10). But I never felt the love for bak kwa since umpteen years ago when they became at best monotonous and predictable. Each brand’s only differentiation is the...MORE
Not Social Enterprise Hawker Centres
Finally, our leaders are recognising how great a cultural icon the hawker centres are, not just as a building or the food served, but of the culture and heritage it represents. It resonates across folks of all creed, standing, race, religion and colour. Even our PM, who now wants our Hawker Centre food culture to be enshrined as a Unesco Intangible Heritage and Culture icon, lines up for this makan...MORE
Scary Unesco Fish Head Noodles
Finally the government is giving it the highest recognition it had ever done- pitching our hawker centre food culture as a Unesco Intangible Heritage and Culture icon. If it gets the nod from Unesco, then it will be the ultimate rating. No stars, chopsticks, point or chef hat ranking can ever come close to this accolade. Because Unesco will recognise it only if it resonates with and are an integral...MORE
The Republic Of Food

When the call came for an invitation to have me play the leader of the Underground Food Club (UFC) in a local makan movie, it took me all of 10 seconds to take it on. Check- I have no movie actor background in my portfolio- TV show host, cook, World Street Food Congress curator, food court designer and operator, writer, publisher- yes, but no acting gigs. So director Kelvin...MORE

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