The Peace Burger
"All that we are saying is give peace a chance" - John Lennon

Meanwhile, give peace burger a try...Available at Makansutra Gluttons Bay
Makansutra Guide Singapore 2017
It has been almost twenty years since the first edition of the Makansutra Singapore food guide book was inked. And in this tenth edition, expect are over 600 street food and heritage reviews, complete with new finds and updated listings. For online purchase, click on more... MORE
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Celebrate Singapura in a plate
This is an occasional series that peers back at once iconic and famous eateries that may be lost in today’s wired generation. So here’s the uglier side of social media in our makan society. If your restaurant is famous and well loved before, say 2005, chances are that the finger-type pad generation today may not know about it. Worse, if your food is not presented Instagram-pretty format, they’ll shun it...MORE
Sambal Porridge Anyone?
Our Muslim friends here have it good when it comes to makan. For a long time, they are sticklers to traditions. The rendang you get at any traditional makcik (auntie) nasi padang stall is of a certain quality, matched in class to the original versions in Indonesia. They also now have halal Thai, Japanese, Italian, burgers and pizzas plus dim sum restaurants even Vietnamese pho. But that’s not even scratching...MORE
Claypot Nice
I made four trips to four different claypot rice spots this week with a mind to tell you about, at least, two. Some are suggestions from good intentioned friends and other were slickly written online reviews with invisible hashtag terms buried behind each sentence that said #eatatthisone. I narrowed down to two but the difference was so great I decided to just blast about the best and forget the rest.
Smokin' Good
It’s difficult telling most overseas visitors just what heritage hawker street food in Singapore really is, if they have not been here. The overwhelming state of street food hawking around the world is really about a food cart or table by the street, marinating and cooking with the “flavours and aromas of street pollution”. Tell them that street food in Singapore is a comfort cuisine culture that has been preserved...MORE
Hawker Centres Singapore. Are there too many?
It’s nice- having a hawker centre at almost every corner in Singapore (safe for the newer towns where more will be built). There are currently 114 government run public hawker centres in tiny Singapore. Nice for the customers, as they expect food there to be good, cheap or at least affordable. But not nice for the hawkers and any new players looking to be one. 

There are too many hawker...MORE
Bring Back the Orchard Hawkers
Should there be a new “Orchard Hawker Centre” as part of the new plans now being devised to revive our fading Orchard Road. That was what I asked a few remaining hawkers from the defunct Orchard carpark hawkers (1966 to 1978, where Orchard Central now sits). Everything in that once shiny shopping belt lacks “Singaporean-ess”, you can hardly hear Singlish (locals shun the place where possible) and there isn’t any...MORE
Tribute to Anthony Bourdain
He always lit up when we spoke about the extra-ordinariness of normal folks- their struggles, culture, joys and humble successes. I have known him for 17 years and met up both on and off the screen on his, and my TV show. I can unreservedly tell you he is a champion of things authentic, the unheralded and the disadvantaged.  Which was why, when I first told him I wanted to...MORE
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