Ugly but delicious
Give us nerve-racking nasty pictures of food that's ugly but delicious! Upload your photos to Instagram, with "#makansutra" and "#uglicious", or upload onto our "Makansutra" Facebook page. Enter now for a chance to win a unique feasting party for 4 at Makansutra Gluttons Bay and goodies bag. MORE
Da Jie Niang Dou Fu
The selection of yong tau foo is Halal, but you will spot many Chinese customers in the queue too. The stall offers hand-made items as well as supplied ones and rare options like stuffed crab shells and yam roll. MORE
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Halloween in Singapore: Local flavour Trick or Treat!

Today’s the time for Trick or Treat! It’s not an Asian tradition, but Halloween has sort of caught on in Singapore. Halloween came from a Celtic belief that between the end of the harvest season and winter, ghosts would roam the lands, and so people would wear ghost-like costumes to ward off evil spirits.

As with all interesting foreign things, we embrace Halloween with gusto.  For people who have...MORE

Food Headlines: $4 Million Char Siew Recipe & Penang Hawkers Only

A few pieces of news about food hit the headlines recently, and they piqued my interests, albeit cynically. Prices of hawker food, that $4 million char siew and property deal, Penang’s rule on “local hawkers only”, a 24-hour street food tour and that social enterprise bak kut teh hawker stall hitting it big in Indonesia – there’s too much chatter for us to keep silent on.

Hawker Food Price Rise: Is it inevitable?

Fading Comfort Foods: The Price of modernisation

It’s a bit sad, this development and advancement of our country. Don’t get me wrong. Economic success can do no harm, but some things have to give way to make way for economic progress. Food is not spared. As our migrant nation careens ahead and acquires a tasted bud for all things new and international, some flavours and dishes will slowly and surely drop off the “food COE” table. Take hand-made chee cheong fun,...MORE

24 Hour Food Tour: Die Die Must Tour

We ate for 24 hours recently, non-stop and on the fly. No, it’s not a joke, because knowing food culture, its purpose and the opportunities that abound, is serious business. It was an event aptly named The 24 Hr Street Food Frenzy Safari held last week and the first of its kind worldwide. 25 international journalist, bloggers and TV film crew sat alongside a local team of media news hounds and cruised through about...MORE

Nasi Liwet Sunda: Make this Indonesian classic at home

There are tons of rice set meals in Indonesia, from nasi rawon to nasi penyet. There’s also nasi liwet and the Indonesians know two types of different nasi liwet. The first is Nasi Liwet Sunda and the second is Nasi Liwet Solo. Although the basic principle is quite the same, the end result is worlds apart. Let’s make this attempt to make this Sundanese version...MORE

World Street Food Congress: 24 hours food tour to digest the cause

Eating for 24 hours in one stretch is no joke. It's serious business or culture, if you can see it.  So, about 25 foreign media descended onto our hallowed makan island last Saturday to embark on a food tour of their life- the 24 Hour Food Frenzy Safari. They were invited by Makansutra and The Singapore Tourism Board for what may be the world’s longest press conference event at this 1440 minutes of non-stop feasting...MORE

Singapore Deepavali Food: It’s festival food, not food festival

The Festival of Lights, Deepavali or Diwali, is the must-see festival for all who love and respect the Hindu culture. It’s a time to celebrate the victory of light over darkness, goodness over evil, knowledge over ignorance. Those who celebrate Deepavali clean their homes before the core festivities begin. It’s a way to restart, to shed away all the physical and abstract impurities.


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